Benefits Of Using Timber In Construction






Timber has been used as a construction material for thousands of years, and continues to prove useful for builders and architects to this day. Thanks to it's versatility, timber is still a widely used building resource with excellent load bearing and thermal insulation properties.

Here are a few reasons why timber is still one of the best construction materials around.


Timber can be crafted from thousands of different types of tree, the trouble is that the tree's have to be cut down for this to happen. Thankfully more tree's can be planted in place of the ones felled. This makes timber a renewable construction resource, as long as we continue to re-plant the tree's that we use.

As well as being a renewable construction material, timber is also widely recycled which means any waste products can be used in other projects.


Timber is a heat and electrical insulator. This means it provides effective resistance to electricity and high temperatures. Because of its insulting properties, timber is a fantastic natural material to use for ceilings and wall covers. It stops heat from escaping and is effective at protecting you from electrical components (e.g. ceiling lights).

It is also effective under intense heat because it strengthens as it gets warmer. As the moisture evaporates from the wood, it becomes less prone to expanding which is one of the main reasons materials bend and break under high heat.

This is a stark comparison to other building materials such as steel which expand and collapse under intense heat.


Timber has a surprisingly high strength to weight ratio. Despite it being quite light, it is still quite strong. Timber also has a very good tensile strength, which is a materials ability to bend without breaking. Thanks to these characteristics, it is a fantastic choice for heavy-duty workloads such as structual beams.


Timber is one of the most versatile construction materials available, able to be bent into shape, nailed together, bolted to another material, and a whole host of other important things. Along with being utilised in a veriety of different ways, it is also extremely easy to store and move, thanks to its ability to be cut into shape.

It is also extremely easy to maintain compared to other construction materials such as steel, which are costly to repair and replace. To maintain timber, you need to simply use oils to kee[ the wood strong.

In addition to the above, timber is also a lot cheaper than other building materials making it a cost effecting building material for any project.


Timber is a fantastic construction resource that is cheap, versatile, renewable and strong. 

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