We Buy Brick



The team at DUCAN Trading are always in need of bricks for recycling. We are recycled solid brick which are mostly built in lime mortar and can be cleaned off.

In Australia, there are approximately 8 million tonnes of bricks have been disposed of annually, with the huge majority ending up as landfill. Our DUCAN Trading team believes in reducing waste and environmental impact by salvaging bricks from doomed structures. This means that bricks and often other resources are recycled and given new life in the future construction and development projects.

If you are unsure whether the bricks that you offering are suitable for our recycled projects, please send us several photos then we will endeavour to respond to your query promptly.

We are highly recommend those bricks will be delivered to our factory in large trucks. The reason is because of the large capacity of that kind of trucks will save time and money of the demolition contractor.





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